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I thought it would be fun to find out exactly which web sites are the world’s most popular (as of march 18 2013) and write a little about each one….

The web’s biggest go-to, the search engine daddy, the big boy on the block. It now boasts 22 extra features above the normal search engine ones - such as weather forecasts, maps, stock quotes, sports scores, time zones, synonyms, movie show times… the list seems endless, temperature and currency conversions, image searches…The google search engine addresses over a hundred million search queries a day and is basically the yardstick all search engine rankings are based upon. Related sites include Google trends, Google maps, google adwords, google mail, google books, google earth, they even own the most popular internet browser, google chrome, they own youtube and they have their own social networking site google+.

Apart from all that there is the Google android operating system which is reported to be enjoying over A MILLION activations a day, picasa photo site, Google energy division that is developing and investing in renewable energy resources and the google car, an automated car that uses AI and google street view to drive itself.


The most popular Internet portal on the web, it is also a service provider with chat rooms, free e-mail, also customisable content, search, pager and clubs. Another long established internet giant, not as a search engine (they use google now) but more as a portal, the USA’s favourite email service, as well as being highly popular all over the world with over 700 million visits to their various sites per month. Yahoo has many sites covering every aspect of the web and is basically Google’s closest competitor, their sites include :Flickr, autos, finance, answers, movies, shopping, travel, music, messenger and many, many others in over 30 languages and countries. Visited by a staggering 45% of internet users daily.


The world’s favourite social media web site - it allows you to keep in touch and network with people, post entries, share links, photos, videos and is integrated into almost every web site via the facebook “like” link that you now see just about everywhere. Visited by an average of 40% of all internet users at least once daily.


Youtube is the most popular and fastest growing video site on the web. Thousands of new videos added every hour, it is an internet phenomenon. With more and more people choosing video as their preferred way of getting information combined with youtube videos ranking highly in google search results, it’s hardly surprising. Now they have made their advertising partnership open to everyone it offers every user the chance to earn income from their videos through google adsense. Visited by an average of 33% of all internet users daily.

The world’s most visited Chinese language internet search engine, which includes a highly sophisticated yet simple interface search facility (that looks a lot like google), picture search, movies, shopping, music, news, maps, weather, all the usual advanced search/portal features - Visited by over 12% of internet users daily.

The world’s most popular free encyclopedia, referenced on millions of articles and blogs world wide, widely used for research by schools and colleges, students and business people. Visited by an average of 12% of internet user daily.

MSN live

The microsoft network- another popular web portal sporting the Bing search engine, incorporating the usual host of services and media including windows live, hotmail, MSN chat, bing video,news, weather, msnbc ….

Microsoft windows operating system comes bundled with internet explorer, which defaults to as its home page, which no doubt will have done a lot to increase its popularity. Losing popularity in Europe and USA but a strong user base in Spanish speaking countries, is visited by an average of 9% of internet users daily.

The world’s favourite online shop - totally committed to outstanding customer service, customisable, packed with millions of products, cheap or free shipping, reviews, buyer protection, one-click buying, lowest possible prices, no wonder it’s number one! Visited daily by an average of 7% of internet users.


Mostly used via mobile devices and restricted to only a few characters per tweet, Twitter has taken almost everybody by surprise by becoming incredibly popular as a worldwide communication, social media, news and gossip sharing phenomenon. Twitter is visited daily by an average of 6% of internet users, and, like facebook, is now a standard sharing link on millions of web sites, articles and blogs.

China’s most widely used internet portal, incorporating many sites and representing China’s biggest internet community. It is the largest shopping portal for Chinese speaking people and is visited by 12% of internet users daily.