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We use the internet for almost everything. Websites, web apps and widgets have become a part of our daily life for reference, entertainment, shopping and business. Whilst some seem to take wings and fly when it comes to using the internet, others seem to struggle.

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Even those who are relatively computer literate may struggle in the more marketing based aspects of websites and the internet however. S2F2 are there for you there as well, since we will be discussing SEO Tips and digital marketing information. Maybe we will get a bit more technical with time... who knows!

We have a a wide range of information, such as a list of the most visited websites, a discussion on mobile responsive web-design and an interesting discussion on internet browsers.

When you have the opportunity to use a tool as powerful as the internet, websites and social media to market your business, you would be insane to turn it down.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO, is a range of techniques to effect its ranking in a search engine page for specific key words and phrases. Some ways of doing this are by getting some backlinks into your website from a trustworthy domain and by making sure your website performs well on a technical level. But the best way to rank in Google for sure is to have plenty of original and well written content. But please do not write just for the machines. Make sure that for a human the content is fresh and appealing. This process of optimisation for the website is just one part of the broad term "digital marketing".

Social Media Marketing

When you have a brand, a good way to show it off is through social media. Such examples of this could be through, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and even Pinterest. Because people like to pass on what they have seen, the idea is simple; if you have a product or service that is just too good to pass up on, then it will spread like wild fire. Besides, if a business doesn't have a social media account, many people will feel like this is a potential channel of communication with your business severed.